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Gauche-text-json by teppey

JSON read/write module for Gauche

NOTICE: This module need not usually be used, because the rfc.json module is contained within Gauche 0.9.1 standard libraries. If it wants to use the function that you are not being offered with rfc.json at present (customizing mapping, pretty printing), this module might be useful.


Gauche 0.9.1 or later


From tarball
$ gauche-package install [-S root] Gauche-text-json-0.2.tgz
From source
$ git clone git://   
$ cd Gauche-text-json
$ ./DIST gen
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make -s check
$ [sudo] make install


New BSD License


Please send bug reports, comments to: Teppei Hamada <>